june 18, 2015

An alternately sleepy and busy year! Currently at the Millay Colony finishing a three-week artist residency and working on videos. Retooling a version of #RUSHES, digging into INTERSTATE, and enjoying my time in dear Upstate.

In April, I visited Cornell University's Department of Anthropology for Animating Anthropology, a two-day event honoring the life and influence of Bob Ascher. Bob was a force. DER distributes his work; many of you are acquainted with him via his coming attractions trailer for Cornell Cinema.

Showing work at the Echo Park Film Center in February was amazing. LA people, go there!

This past year's Iowa City International Documentary Film Festival was a great success, thanks to the hard-working cinema students at the UI, our two jurors, Kevin B. Lee and Mónica Savirón, and, of course, the filmmakers. Budget matters are putting IC DOCS on hold, by the way, and we anticipate a 2017 return.


march 10, 2014

I'm happy to announce that I'll be presenting #RUSHES as part of Sensate's Process: In_Medias_Res conference at Harvard University in early April.

And here in Iowa, Spring, if not exactly sprung, is ringing on the phone. Exuberant Politics is up and running in its physical manifestation, and the 12th Iowa City International Documentary Film Festival is on its way!


november 13, 2013

Two of our three Exuberant Politics screenings are done; the final screening, God's Special Envoys, curated by Abigail Addison, will take place on December 3.

In the last few weeks, Vanessa Roveto and I created a Tumblr, Women Hold Up Half The Sky. Combining pictures of Miley Cyrus with Chairman Mao's musings, and vice versa, the 99 images may make you smile, or generate minor confusion.

I'm looking forward to getting back to NYC for a few days and sharing my work at UnionDocs. See you there!


october 12, 2013

Josh MacPhee has already visited as part of Exuberant Politics, our year-long celebration of art and activism, but the film series is only beginning now. Three programs of shorts will screen on the University of Iowa campus through December. The first, Dream Factory,on October 22, is curated by Aily Nash and Andrew Norman Wilson, and focuses on labor and critique of capital.


july 11, 2013

This year's Flaherty Seminar (the 59th!) wrapped up several weeks ago. Programmed by Pablo de Ocampo, the Seminar was titled "History is What's Happening." Highlights included Jean-Paul Kelly's Service of the Goods, The Otolith Group's ANATHEMA, and Eyal Sivan and Michel Kleifi's Route 181, which famously enraged Claude Lanzmann.

#RUSHES screened in Mexico City as part of DISTRITAL. Josetxo Cerdán included it in a program of radical and militant cinema called DISTRITO X. "Rushes is a cinematic celebration of the present, of the instant, of the now. Of peaceful and festive resistance, of the act, of the protest moment. Of the unification. Director Jason Livingston - introduces himself as one more participant - in the mobilization of Occupy Wall Street and captures in his 16mm camera what unfolds around him. In this short film, Livingston presents the logic of the narrative with something as simple as the exercise of editing within the camera. By employing this technique and in the best tradition of US experimental film, he avoids reporting the events in any logical order. The activists prepare, the police charge and the activists continue protesting...The arrests are conducted in a random manner and with no dramatic anticipation. Like in ordinary life. A chronicle of this New York struggle, meanwhile the tourists look from their uncovered buses." (translated by Emily Cohen)


april 24, 2013

Patrick Friel provided an insightful write-up on Chicago's Cine-File for my show at the Nightingale at the end of March. Says Patrick, "Jason Livingston's works, at first glance, may seem rather scattered. He's worked in a variety of styles and modes over the past decade, and treated a number of different subjects and themes. But, taken together, Livingston's work is working at the many intersections of history (personal and public), politics, and the specificities of time and place... Under Foot & Overstory is a remarkable work that combines audio of a "friends of the park" committee meeting, as the members work on drafting a mission statement, and shots of nature footage complement, contrast and compete with their discussions. This is political filmmaking at its finest."

Also in the deparment of the recent, the Iowa City International Docmentary Film Festival went off without a hitch. My students, all University of Iowa undergraduates, spent many long nights preparing the festival, and their dedication truly paid off. Jurors Ernst Karel and Cathy Lee Crane both presented their own work, and all the films looked great on the screen at the Bijou Cinema. Congratulations, all!


march 3, 2013

Several weeks ago I visited the Film Studies Center at the University of Chicago to present a program of 4 short films under the title OUR BODIES YOUR SELVES, as part of Jennifer Wild's series on gender and resistance. The program included works by Dara Greenwald and Bettina Escauriza, Tara Mateik, Clarisse Hahn, and Duncan Campbell.

Coming up soon at local artspace Ps1 I will present an evening of film and video work, including some new works-in-progress in addition to old saws. It's a dry run for my upcoming show at the Nightingale in Chicago at the end of March. Here's a preview image of some film concepts I've been working on.


november 17, 2012

Two months ago, on September 17, several thousand people gathered in Manhattan's Financial Distict to celebrate the 1 year birthday of Occupy Wall Street. I brought a Bolex. #RUSHES, the resulting in-camera edit, takes its title from movie language (rushes, or dailies, being the workprint struck from the film negative), as well as the rushes on the street, the adrenaline, the swarming crowds, the surprisingly fast-moving cops. I hope to exhibit #RUSHES as a silent film with programming notes to encourage the audience to break the habit of remaining silent while watching film, and am not sure yet about the extent to which it will live online. Contact me if you want the vimeo password...


june 7, 2012

Summer is here, and I'm still here in Iowa City, with transit behind me (see below), and transit ahead of me: this year's Flaherty Seminar begins next week. In other news, Sarah Kanouse and a very dedicated team finished the Monsanto Hearings edit and it is now screening at documenta 13. Also, watch out... Dora Malech and I will have a video to show you very, very soon: COPY & PAST (see below as well).

Transit of Venus 2012 Iowa City


april 1, 2012

In mid-March, I had the great privilege of moderating a Q&A for the ongoing Flaherty NYC series, The Lives of Animals, held at the 92Y Tribeca in lower Manhattan. Curated by Kathy High and Jim Supanick, the evening featured work by Shelly Silver and Cooper Battersby and Emily Vey Duke. Dennis Lim published a fantastic NYT article this past weekend that features the series as part of a larger consideration of film and non-human animals.

In other news, this non-winter has been very active in the collaboration department. I look forward to posting more soon about several exciting projects with dynamic groups of people here in Iowa City. Next weekend will be very busy, as I will be running a Q&A with Alex Rivera following a screening of Sleep Dealer to close the conference on Global Science Fiction Cinema; in addition, Patrick Friel and I will jury this year's edition of IC Docs, an eclectic assortment of experimental non-fiction mediamaking.

Next is the April 21st's People's Hearing against Monsanto, parts of which will wind up, through a decentralized, dispersed curatorial schemata, in Documenta 13. The final matter is a collaborative, cross-discipllinary affair with my old friend, the talented poet Dora Malech, currently teaching in what I like to call Fortress Workshop -- Dora, of course, being one of the primary people on the inside who is committed to tearing down that wall. Our show will be the last weekend in April at local space extraordinaire PS1.

Finally, I'm so happy to return to the Flaherty Seminar this summer to be the Fellowship Coordinator. I plan on wearing a whistle around my neck and holding a clipboard in full camp counselor mode!


november 3, 2011

Powerful, inspiring days with the growth and spread of Occupy. I've taken - as have many others - to using my Facebook page to relay twitter feeds (agitwitter? twitprop? it doesn't arrive at the right compound), livestreams, blogs,and the like.

In other news, I've published a short piece on Wilkerson's An Injury To One in The Brooklyn Rail in conjuction with Icarus Films release on DVD. Also, Rebekah Rutkoff published an insightful essay on Underfoot & Over Story in Jacket 2. To date, no one has understood the film like this. She's opened it up to me, a great gift.


september 30, 2011

Update from Prairie Lights in Iowa City, where I'm living this year, teaching filmmaking in the Department of Cinema and Comparative Literature at the University of Iowa. It's great to be back in town so committed to writing!


april 16, 2011

Ohio friends, please consider stopping by the Athens International Film & Video Festival, which kicks off later this week. ACID REIGN plays on Thursday, April 28; in addition to that, looks like they've put together quite a line-up.


february 21, 2011

It's been a while. A transitional time, no doubt, for a good portion of the world (and hopefully here in the States as well-- fingers crossed, Wisconsin); but I'll stick to strictly local announcements in keeping with recent threads.

So, please stop on by Anthology Film Archives on March 14 for the Psychogeographies edition of the ongoing Flaherty NYC series, as programmed by Penny Lane. Under Foot & Overstory will screen. And I'm very excited! I've persuaded them to rent the as-yet-to-be-rented and thus pristine print from my distributor, CFMDC.


november 29, 2010

I recently edited a video for Ithaca-based Greenstar cooperative market. We entered a national competition and won 1st Prize, as awarded by the Jury. Fun video for a good cause!


september 26, 2010

Pleased to announce that I'm part of the Experimental Television Center's 5 DVD anthology of works produced through their generous residency program and support. EAI is distributing the package - check it out!


april 6, 2010

SECRET AUDIOVISUAL MIX (p.s. not sure if that link will work, as that only directs you to a facebook event, and it's unclear whether it's public or not) debuts tomorrow night at the Wildfire Lounge in Ithaca. I'll show the beginnings of NO NO NOONE ON NO (no. one). Programmed by former and present Ithacan Keir, it looks like it'll shape up in a live mix of images and music, and will feature some international turntablism. Fun times for tiny town.


february 26, 2010

After 1 1/2 years, ONandOnScreen is finally up. I collaborated with Laura Spagnoli, and you can see the results here.


january 20, 2010

Thanks to Tompkins County's Community Arts Partnership for awarding me a 2010 CAP II grant. Later this year, I hope to present an event based around early 70s activist activities here in Ithaca, including the Ithaca Video Project and Glad Day Press.


december 1, 2009

This weekend sees the opening of krowswork, a new art space in Oakland, CA. Jasmine Moorhead, of Jaraf Video (w/co-conspirator and conjurer Rebekah Rutkoff), has assembled a video loop, of which Lake Affect is a happy participant. Jasmine also mentioned recession-priced tee-shirts, perhaps with one of the funny little bunnies.


november 10, 2009

capn video

Coming up this Thursday, Cornell Cinema hosts Requiem for Analog TV Noise, featuring works by Ithaca based makers and musicians. Live accompaniment to analog'd out video signals should make for fun.


september 21, 2009

Autumn arrives within 24 hrs. I find myself looking back to 1971, and 1975, and also looking forward to a new project, now funded by New York State Council of the Arts.


august 22, 2009

This summer I have been Reading Marx's Capital with David Harvey. Below is a tribue to Harvey's assemblage diagram from Capital, Vol. 1, ch. 15, footnote 4. The sample is taken from each episode's title sequence.


july 10, 2009


july 1, 2009


may 2, 2009

The Two Boys: will show in SPECULATION(ELATION)2, curated by Torsten Zenas Burns. The event takes place at the Parsons Hall Project Space this Friday in Holyoke, MA. Wish I could go!


april 23, 2009

If you are in Vienna, you can see July Fix show as part of TIE's Masterpieces of New American Avant-Garde Film program.


april 12, 2009

Continual Repositions: The Art of Celluloid shows at Cinema Project today and tomorrow night. Porland, Ore.!


march 18, 2009

More information on the TIE retrospective can be found here. In other news, here's a great talk by Trevor Paglen on the Pentagon's secret geography.


march 13, 2009

Two screenings of July Fix approach. Cinema Project in Portland (Ore.) will host the upcoming TIE retrospective show, which will then travel to the Austrian Film Museum in Vienna. Also, Lake Affect will have its European premiere as part of the International Film Festival Breda in The Netherlands.


february 2, 2009

NYU's Didjulition recently broadcast a segment of Under Foot & Overstory on the radio. Thanks to Bill K.



january 13, 2009

A clip from Under Foot & Overstory featuring Michael Annus.


december 13, 2008

Attention Philly friends! Lake Affect will play tomorrow night at Independents Hall as part of Independent Exposure 08.


november 26, 2008

The TIE retrospective has been postponed until January, but the full schedule is up, with an impressive Ithaca showing.


november 9, 2008

July Fix will screen as part of a TIE retrospective at the Ross Media Center in Lincoln, NE on the weekend of November 20. TIE is one of my favorite festivals. Do go if you can.

By the way, that lovely devil's site seems to be down, so here's an image for the election scrap-bookers.


october 8, 2008

Hello Heartlanders and Pacific NW'ers. You can see Lake Affect at ICE in Iowa City and the CINE-X showcase that's part of the 25th Olympia Film Festival. Not to mention other mind-bending, experimental and generally misbehaving works.


september 21, 2008

Some lovely devil made this funny site. It makes me giggle.


setember 2, 2008

Fusion centers have contributed to the RNC repression, as has a transposition of "detainee" from war efforts to domestic abuse of civil liberties. Federal, state and local cooperation have led to preemptive raids, with suspicions of conspiracy to riot mobilized to justify the detainment. One has to wonder how vague this so-called justification to detain has become in recent years. This weekend in the Twin Cities we see an articulate, if blunt, response. MINORITY REPORT IS OUT ON DVD!!! (old news, sure, but now it's pronounced "Vegan Compost"). Over on alternet, a smart analysis of targeting video activists, witnesses and journalists. Around 6pm, a call from NMC that Amy Goodman was arrested/detained, following the intimidation of three other reporters from Democracy Now. Cops bust through an attic to harass I-Witness. What a day, what a kick-off to the week's Grand Ol' Police-state.


august 24, 2008

Microcinema has announced the winners of Independent Exposure 2008, and Lake Affect has turned up on the list of Jury Mentions, as determined by Asthmatic Kitty Records peoples. In other Lake Affect news, I'll be showing it as part of my introduction to the 46th Ann Arbor Film Festival Tour at Cornell Cinema on Tuesday, September 9, so stop on by, Ithacans and Central NY'ers.


august 17, 2008

You dont need a penny just to hang around,
But if youve got a nickel, wont you lay your money down?
Over on the corner theres a happy noise.
People come from all around to watch the magic boy.- J. Fogerty



august 13, 2008

The ongoing chilly weather has encouraged not only a web-based archival investigation, but an excavation of files on zip disks. Here is a fine example of an invitation to the Ithaca-based Revolutionary Dance Party. For anyone who wants to throw a RDP, the rules are quite simple. As you see above, everyone must dance, and no one can not dance. Everyone must bring music to share. No one can not bring music to share. Everyone must share a dance move. No one can not share a dance move. We've also discovered that iTunes type software (generally 'flow' based, for passive listening) counter-intuitively encourages hierarchy. To counteract this problem, try sticking to tape cassettes, cds and vinyl. This way, flow is interrupted and the democratic dance floor fluorishes.




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